Having trouble getting motivated to start your 2017 professional goals? #selfcare2017

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Part of self care is also maintaining/identifying professional goals along with your personal goals.  Sometimes our lack of progress in our professional goals can cause issues with low self esteem.

Possible guidelines for setting professional goals:

  • First, ask yourself what will satisfy you and make you happy. Self-reflection requires you to face your dreams, fears, limitations and obligations to others.
  • Identify which skills you’re proficient in and consider whether they can be used elsewhere in the organization.
  • Research what’s involved in meeting your goals. Get a clear understanding of the skills, training or assistance you’ll need to attain them.
  • Identify the incremental steps and deadlines involved in attaining your goals. If you want to attend graduate school for additional credentials, for instance, you may need to study for an entrance exam and explore financial options for paying tuition.
  • Set specific goals. Setting goals that are vague or too large can result in frustration and discouragement and cause you to give up.
  • Make your goals measurable. This allows you to see progress and keeps you motivated. “Increase my sales quota by 10 percent this year” is an example of a measurable goal.
  • Set a time limit for achieving your goals, otherwise, you’ll never see closure— only a long, pointless grind.

Source: StayWell Company  http://staywell.com/

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