Your Self Care, STD Status, and their Connections to Mental Health.


Did you know that the prevalence of HIV is 4 times higher in people with mental illness? Do you know the status of your sex partner? Due to the negative stigma associated with mental illness in the African American community, many of our people not only keep their mental health status a secret but those with a serious mental illness may also not know their HIV status (due to bothersome mental health symptoms that impact their daily living skills- work, family, etc. )or maybe neglecting to care of their sexual health. #knowyourstatus get tested! If you’re scared of needles there’s even an oral #HIV test. “Research studies have shown that there is considerable overlap between HIV infection and several major mental disorders such as major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. It has been estimated that the prevalence of HIV among individuals with a serious mental illness (SMI) ranges from 1 percent to 24 percent (De Hert et al., 2011), much higher than the rates found among HIV-uninfected persons. Frequently, these individuals are also diagnosed with a substance use disorder (Parry, Blank, & Pithey, 2007), which can make treatment and management of HIV and mental health problems even more challenging”. #APA #stigma #bipolar #ptsd #depression #anxiety #STD #herpes #chlamydia #syphilis #health #womensmentalhealth #blackmentalhealth #mentalhealth #selfcare #mentalillness #health #women #sex #stdtesting #sti #selfesteem #counseling #wellness #domesticviolence #screening #thursdaymotivation #psychology #counseling

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