Change begins with you.


This weekend I met some amazing young, Black female business owners at a networking event called #theofficepartydc  The purpose of the event was to connect millennial minority female entrepreneurs and bloggers with each other.   The energy was electric, the vibe smooth and positive.  I set a #2017goal for myself to more aggressively launch my practice and brand.  I figured one of the best ways to do that was to network!  I took a step in accomplishing my goal of networking by attending #theofficepartydc I didn’t just want to limit myself to networking within the mental health realm, I also wanted to connect with other empowered women in the lifestyle and beauty industry too.  Self care is a huge topic now.  Due to the negative stigma associated with mental health in the Black community, I’ve seen and heard the vulnerabilities of our people shared easily in the hair salon, nail salon, or the MAC makeup counter or even the gym.  As a Black women and a licensed mental health therapist I’ve seen first hand how women will connect and splurge over beauty products as a way to help themselves feel better WAY faster than sitting down with themselves.  I mean like really sit down with themselves.  Alone.  When was the last time you’ve sat down by yourself for an hour or so and challenged yourself to think about the things “I don’t care about”.  Let’s be real we’ve all said we’ve left a lot of things in 2016, have we really?  Ladies it’s time we become more open about talking about the things that have made our souls cry and made us feel depleted or dejected.  It’s time we talk about how we feel about ourselves it’s a vital part of self care and if you choose to not address those thoughts or issues you will continue to meet struggles on your road to success.  Stop talking to Lisa, Ebony or Melissa in the nail/ hair salon about your personal problems and speak to a licensed professional.  Girl, you know you’ve been thinking about it anyway. It’s okay to talk about mental health it makes you a totally normal person!!

Unexpressed emotions will never die.  They are buried alive and will come forth later in your life in uglier ways“- Freud

With love,


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