#BeingMaryJane and mental health neglect. #Blackmentalhealthmatters


img_8830This last scene of the matchmaker refunding Mary Jane’s money because Mary Jane has #selfwork to do is an example of the common issue I see every day with many women. THIS is why I do what I do. It’s why I STRESS self care to #women daily. You can look #fabulous, have a great #career but still lack knowledge and #love of #self. #THIS is a #mentalhealth issue. Looking great and romantic connectivity doesn’t equal #progress. Self care correlates with self esteem.  Self care is not pampering or a superficial means of instant gratification.  That makeover and photo shoot will feel good today or make you smile for a month or so but it won’t resolve your internal stressors.  It also won’t resolve how you respond to stress or cure prior/ current conflicts.  Self care is long term daily, weekly spiritually and psychological enriching activities to preserve your psychological health.  Lack of self care can lead to high sensitivity/ risk of mental health issues.  Self care and coping skills are essential for a woman’s success and survival.   If you want to learn more about self care contact a local therapist.  Or if you’re a woman in the DMV contact me!


With love,

Shivonne A. Odom, NCC, LCPC, LPC


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