My headwrap and the women’s march on Washington, DC


I’ve always wanted to wear a #headwrap and when I saw this one days before the march by @simplycecily and I felt it’s time to wear one. I was truly conflicted about wearing a #pussyhat . I felt that the head wrap and the pink cat eared pussyhat symbolized the same sex or gender, but 2 different struggles separated by another P word #privilege . I’m really thinking about #blogging about this. Many people don’t know the #journey or #symbolism of the headwrap in the #diaspora historically the tradition of wearing a head wrap to express our artistic vision continues today. However head wraps have been used in the past to express marital and/or socioeconomic status. They’ve also been used while our grandparents and ancestors sharecropped or worked the plantation. As I mentioned in an earlier post my 97 yr old grandmother was a sharecropper. If it wasn’t for the headwrap women, we today wouldn’t have or know the freedoms of birth control, a #papsmear (speaks #henriettalacks) or the financial #autonomy to purchase, make and wear a symbol of female freedom. Black and Hispanic women still have a LONG way to go. As of 2015 “Black women were paid 63 percent of what non-Hispanic white men were paid in 2015. That means it takes the typical black woman nearly eight extra months to be paid what the average white man took home back on December 31. That’s even worse than the national earnings ratio for all women, 80 percent,”.- reported in AAUW’s The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap. #womenempoweringwomen #herstory #womensmarch #iammysisterskeeper  #dctherapist #womanist



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