A Community Over Competition for Black Mental Health

Yesterday with the collaboration of another licensed mental health clinician friend we made a dream of ours come to reality.  We hosted an event to begin to create a community of African American mental health clinicians to collaborate with each other and promote each other.  In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “United we stand, divided we fall”.   As clinicians of color I think it’s important for us to celebrate, empower each other and not compete with each other.  If we uplift each other we can better service our communities.  We are all talented, we are all amazing and so we must never forget the importance of the self care practice of pouring into ourselves, enriching ourselves.  The number one purpose of our professions is to serve our communities.  It takes a village to raise a child, each of us are someone’s child all grown up.  Let’s continue to nourish each other.  Below are pictures from our meet and greet event titled “Community Over Competition: a meet and greet for clinicians of color” #dmvtherapycreatives.  Counseling Psychologists, clinical psychologists, school psychologists, school counselors,  a psychiatrist, licensed professional counselors, social workers, a tax attorney, pharmacists, college students, mental health practice owners, the creator, founder, and play therapist of a local play therapy organization came out to fellowship.  All Black women (and one male).   I hope you will join me in helping me continue to create a Community Over Competition.  For more info on Black Mental Health topics follow my private practice on Instagram @akoma_counseling_concepts or on Facebook and Twitter Akoma Counseling Concepts, LLC.

with love,


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